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Monday, May 21, 2012

e-Stalking Jon Sciescka

My first admission: I have a huge love-hate relationship with social media: I feel pressure to be interesting -- on my blog, on Facebook. I feel pressure to post with some degree of frequency so that I appear "current." And, I'm seriously starting to hate the whole freakin' thing. (If I have something that compelling to write, I'd prefer to create a manuscript. It just seems more productive.) And, I can't help but find Facebook to be the pinnacle of egocentrism. (Gosh, I'm just SO interesting that I'm sure all of these people would like to hear every tiny detail of my life. I just stubbed my toe: Quick! Let me snap a photo and post it! Ugh.)

And then it occurred to me: I can unabashedly use this forum (and my fab new position as an author) to make all of this fun for ME. Ha!

So here's another admission: Because I'm a huge fan of children's literature --- and growing more so every day --- I've started making it a personal goal to befriend my favorite authors and illustrators on Facebook. If they are suspect about befriending me, I'm guessing they Google me and assume that my NYT status makes me (sort of) one of them. So, I typically get "in." I'll be honest: it's a little charge for me to be accepted (even in this arm's distance way) into this most elite group.

So, about Jon Sciescka: (yet another admission) I have a little thing for him. (There. I said it.) He's WAY talented (rather a legend, actually). Super cute. And, I'm super intimidated. He was sitting at the table next to me at a conference a few months ago. Chronicle's Ginee Seo offered to introduce me, and I was simply (goofy-giggly-high-school-girl) giddy. (You have to know this about me: I don't get star-struck, typically. Movie stars, athletes: Nada. But, the legend of the Truck Town series? I'm a mess!) But, alas, Jon left early and the opportunity never presented itself. So, I worked up the courage to befriend Jon (I call him Jon) on Facebook -- and I'm in! I get a little rush of excitement whenever I see his posts come up. Weird? Yes. Don't judge me. I don't watch soap operas or reality TV (unless it relates to trucks), so give me this one vice. (By the way, I'm a happily married mother of two. Don't worry... just innocent e-stalking.)

My last admission: So, I've made a decision to use this forum (my blog, which I'll hype on Facebook) as a way to get to know my idols better. I'm going to tell their story as I see it (hopefully, with a little help from them) and highlight their awesomeness from a true fan's perspective. And, hopefully, from a writer's perspective as well. So, instead of dreading blog posts: I'm excited!

I'm sure this has been done before, but I'm hoping to bring something new to the table. And, I hope others will find this interesting. But, frankly, I don't really care. This is my vice.


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  2. Hi Sherri. I call them "author crushes." I've had one w/Jaime Adoff and John Green. Yes, I also am happily married for 25 years and as a retired librarian, I was able to meet fab authors via volunteering for my library org. Hosting authors & showing them around C'bus OH was such fun! Now I'm "stalking" you! I'm attending the Mazza Summer Institute & the writers' strand. I have 2 pic books featuring my irascible corgi Iris ready to critique. Hope we get to connect! BTW, my 2.5 grandson Tobin loves Goodnight,Goodnight,Construction Site! I'm flying in from Phoenix AZ for the Mazza week!